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Medical Disclaimer

All information provided on this website, including information related to medical matters, health complaints, treatments and products, is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the advice of your own doctor or specialist.

Our medical disclaimer applies to all information on the Grande Cure website.

The information on our website and the information as made available about CBD oil is intended to:

support in better understanding the nature and seriousness of a physical or mental complaint.
to inform you about the different types of CBD oil and the possible effect of CBD that we could possibly offer in relation to your
The information that grandecure provides you about CDB oil cannot be considered as a consultation, a replacement for a consultation or a replacement for a treatment prescribed by a doctor.
Grande Cure makes no warranties for damage resulting from the use of its products.

The information is expressly not intended to be used as an aid in making a (self) diagnosis.

In all those cases in which you experience physical and/or mental complaints and consult our website in connection with this, decisions taken with regard to the follow-up of complaints are and remain for your own responsibility and risk. The same applies if you receive information from our website via a third party.

In the event of acute medical complaints or psychological problems and if complaints or symptoms worsen, we recommend that you immediately contact your own doctor or general practitioner or, if applicable, his emergency number.

We do our utmost to keep the information provided by us correct and up to date. We are not liable for incomplete, incorrect or outdated information.